Best Router Table Insert Plate

A router table insert plate is one of the essential features that would aid you in routing woods distinctively. It’s even with the right product that you’d be able to make accurate precisions.

It’s often usable with router tables, and it needs to be installed quite alright. Howbeit, the best router insert plates are so viable that you can use any of them as a replacement to other router table insert plate that are made by other brands.

You’d even be able to determine your flexibility and versatility with the kind of router table insert plate you’re using at a point in time. And, that’s because each of the router table insert plates provides different opening and supports to routers of various sizes.

Indeed, that’s why this report is made available to provide you with assistance so that you can be decisive. The products that we’ll be highlighting here, however, are premium ones.

They are those that don’t warp even though they are plastics. Also, hardly would you see any become scratched regardless of how often you use them.

Besides, they are among the few that have gained relevance over the years. So, it’s apparent that they are dependable to use always. You can check them out below:

Our Picks of 10 Best Router Table Insert Plate Review:

1. Rousseau 3509 Router Table Insert Plate

Rousseau 3509 Router Table Insert PlateIt’s a thermoset phenolic router table insert plate. This is reinforced and capable of lasting you a long time. The router table insert plate suits the usage of bits of 3.8”. It’s one that you’d be able to change the bit heights quickly.

The router table insert plate is ample thick and spacious. You can actually make adjustments in its design. In fact, there are two removable rings on it that you can attach, too.

The spaces the rings provide in total are 3.8” and 2.65. So, the router table insert plate is one that would give you the ultimate support you need both as a mere hobbyist and a professional.

Nonetheless, one of the accessories that it features is a shoulder pin. You can simply use the shoulder pin on five locations of the insert this plate. The inclusion of this amplifies the use of hands and makes the whole mounting exercise of the plate so flexible.

And guess what? It even works reliably with pretty thick tabletops. You can use it with those that are 1” or ¾ thick. The leveling, on the other hand, would amuse you, trust me.

You can also decide to use it as the best replacement for the very one you’re using currently. It won’t disappoint you at all.

It comes with the manual that you’d be able to do the assembling effortlessly.


  • The dimension is 9 x 12 x 0.4 inches and weighs 1 pound.
  • The materials used for the construction of this thermoset phenolic insert plate are polymers.
  • It comes with two rings on it that makes it usable with bits that are 3.8” wide.
  • Users can read through the concentric rings and radial lines to make the quick mounting of the plate.
  • The removable glass-reinforced polycarbonate rings are removable and easy to assemble with this plate.
  • It has the molded base plate to create absolute exquisiteness for ease of use.
  • This can serve as the best replacement for any brand.

2. KREG Molded Table Insert Plate Blank

This is a router table insert that’s 3/8” thick. Invariably, it can be a great support to tabletops of any kind. All you just need is to make the correct installation.

It’s definitely a durable one; how? The insert plate is made of phenolic so that it can withstand high pressure. And, if you’re looking for an insert plate that has level-roc reducing rings, then this might be your gem.

This molded router table insert plate works with routers which dimension is 9.25” X 11.75.” The bit ‘opening’ sizes that this would work with include 1”, 1-3/16”, and 2.65.”

Aside from the rings, other accessories that it comes with are the starting pins, wrench, and the instruction manual. One thing that’s most exciting about the use of level-roc is that it takes a jiffy to assemble.

Unlike many others, this doesn’t come pre-drilled. The essence is that it makes router mounting easier. There are alignment marks underneath the insert plate that’s capable of aiding prospective users to mount routers.

The insert rings, in addition, makes the change of bit easy on this. You wouldn’t even have issues with its use at all, irrespective of your technical know-how.


  • The dimension is 12.2 x 13.7 x 12.5 inches and weighs 3 pounds.
  • This uses level-loc, reducing rings, for apt placement of routers.
  • The level-loc wrench, alignment marks, and instruction booklet that comes with it makes it easier to use.
  • The design makes the setup easier and fun to carry out on tables.
  • It’s viable for routers which size is 9.25” X 11.75.”
  • There is no predrilled part on this. It has the fundamental features that would enhance quick assembling.
  • It’s highly dependable to use for the tables of any brand.

3. MLCS 9338 All-In-one Router Plate Kit

Do you think using a router plate that’s 3/8” thick would be great for you? If yes, then this might be for you, honestly.

Just take a glance at the features and be cynical with your decisions! You’d see you’d still love it.

This is a router insert plate with top-notch designs. Moreover, if you need one with a bit opening of 3.89”, 2.625”, and 1.2”, then that’s what these features primarily.

Indeed, these are what the two rings can offer you. The concentric attachable rings are not what come with it only but also screws and magnets which serve as the levelers.

The product is even backed with a 3-year warranty. It’s one that every part of it is simplified. There are starting pins inclusive, which you can use to have the quick assembling of the table insert plate on tabletops.

Furthermore, the durable phenolic plastic that’s used for its construction goes a long way in adding sufficient supports for a long time. You can check out the features to gain insights into what you’d benefit by purchasing it.


  • The dimension is 12.4 x 9.5 x 1.9 inches and weighs 3 pounds.
  • This provides three openings for bit sizes of 3-7/8”, 2-5/8”, and 1-3/16-inch.
  • This is made of plastic phenolic.
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • The table insert plate is 3/8” thick.
  • You can assemble this easily and quickly.
  • Although the insert plate is what you’d solely find, yet it has the needful accessories.

4. Kreg PRS1025 Router Table Insert Plate

Kreg PRS1025 Router Table Insert PlateFor those that would be indulging more in freehand routing, you can check this out. It’s one of its kinds. It goes well with router tables that have fence locks on them.

With this Kreg PRS1025 Router Table Insert Plate, you can adjust the fence distinctly. Please note that this insert of the plate comes with the router table also. Therefore, if you need an insert plate with a tabletop, this could be your best shot.

The router table is 1” thick. It’s even made of laminated MDF. The top is smooth, and it would be difficult to differentiate the insert plate from the table without the insertion of the rings that come with it.

Nonetheless, although it has an MDF tabletop, this features steel-reinforcing strut for better balances when you’ve mounted it on surfaces. It has all it takes to provide you with the optimum assistance that you’d cherish, trust me.


  • The dimension is 26.8 x 35 x 2.8 inches and weighs 26.1 pounds.
  • This product comes with a router table and the insert plate.
  • The dimension of the table is 24″ x 32″ and three rings come with a tabletop.
  • The thickness of this table is 1,” and is smoothness can make cutting of precision easier.
  • This has steel underneath it, which you can depend on to mount it easily.
  • There is a miter track on it that makes it a better choice.
  • The design enhances freehand routing.
  • This features a keyhole slot for locking down fences to a specific point after adjustments.

5. MLCS 9334 1/4-Inch Thick Aluminum Plate

Peradventure, you’re a prospective buyer who understands the value of purchasing plates made of quality aluminum, and you’re ready to spend any amount to get what you want. You should check this out, honestly. This is one that’s ¼” thick.

Of course, just like aluminum generally, this is a durable one and not susceptible to quick spoilage. The product comes with three rings. The rings are capable of providing four-bit opening sizes.

Indeed, you can attain a max opening of 3.25.” Nonetheless, other spaces that you would be able to achieve with this are 1”, 1-7/16”, and 1-3/16.” It comes with the steel starter pin, which aids in the routing of curved workpieces.

Also, there are leveling screws that add to the lucid placement of workpieces on the router table. The dimension of the plate on the router is 9” x 12.” The router plate is marked and not pre-drilled so that you can decide the use on your own.


  • The dimension is 9 x 12 x 0.2 inches and weighs 3 pounds.
  • The router plate is made of aluminum and ¼” thick.
  • This product comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • This comes with three rings and capable of providing four distinct bit spaces.
  • Other accessories that come with it are magnets and screws.
  • This would offer you stable performances and results.
  • You’d have to drill spots on this before you begin the use.

6. DCT Universal Router Table Saw Insert

DCT Universal Router Table Saw InserTake a look at this table saw insert. You never can tell, it could be the very one that would aid you to have an unforgettable experience. The phenolic router plate is ¾” thick and can assist you to cut with precisions.

It’s usable with routers that have removable base plates. There are three snap rings on it. The insert plate has predrilled spots on it. It has three snap rings on it and two concentric rings also.

Other accessories that come with it are starter pin, guide pin, four holders, Allen wrench hex key, and screws. And, you’d be able to make three openings after leveling the insert plate.

The spaces you can get with this are 3.89”, 2.625”, and 1.25”. Of course, you’d be able to mount it comfortably because it’s made of plastic. And, that’s because you can drill it quickly. It won’t even warp regardless of the type of router you’re using at a point in time.


  • The dimension is 0.6 x 17.7 x 10.3 inches and weighs 1 pound.
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • This comes with the needful accessories which you can use to have the instant use of the insert plate.
  • The principal material that’s used for the construction of this is plastic.
  • There are three-bit size openings that this would offer you.
  • This won’t warp or break while you’re using it.

7. Big Horn 18100 Router Table Insert

While you’re purchasing a router table insert plate, it’s expedient that one knows if the router one possesses would work with it. If there is low positive feasibility, then one should look elsewhere.

However, the very one you’d be able to use flawlessly with hefty routers is this; you know why? Although it’s a phenolic route table plate, yet it’s reinforced with resins.

Besides, it has magnetic rings on it, just like the modern ones. The three-bit size openings that this has are 3.89”, 2.68”, and 1.25”. You’d even find a shoulder pin on it so that you can use it freehandedly.

The snap out rings make the assembling easier. It comes with full accessories. You don’t have to purchase extras once you’ve ordered for this. If you’ve even been assembling a router table insert plate before now, there shouldn’t be rigors at all.


  • The dimension is 17.9 x 10.4 x 0.2 inches and weighs 2.15 pounds.
  • The three-snap rings it has on it make it usable with cutters of various sizes.
  • It’s viable for routers of large sizes.
  • There are spots predrilled on it that you can use to make quick assembling.
  • It’s not pricey, though. This costs less than $60 at the moment.
  • It’s lightweight and can serve as a suitable replacement to insert plates of any kind.
  • The sturdy plastic makes it usable for executing heavy-duty jobs.

8. AXABING Router Table Insert Plate Aluminum

AXABING Router Table Insert Plate AluminumMany, at times, one can decipher the prospect of a product by seeing its integument. Of course, that’s applicable to this, too. This table insert plate is ample thick and one that’s made of aluminum alloy.

It has drilled holes on it and screws that fit the installation in different positions. Moreover, its design just makes it easier to use anywhere. There are vast activities you can use this for, trust me.

You can simply use it for boring, trimming, and milling table. It comes with its rings, too. Nonetheless, other accessories it comes with are a flip chipboard, and one stainless steel of 5/8” bushing. And, they all add to its viability in executing multiple tasks lucidly.

Aside from that, you’re buying from a top brand in the marketplace. Therefore, you have nothing to lose at all.


  • The dimension is 10.8 x 5.5 x 1.5 inches and weighs 1.6 pounds.
  • The red router table insert features aluminum alloy in its construction.
  • This is not susceptible to quick-spoilage and is usable for routing heavy duty workpieces.
  • The accessories that come with two rings and one bushing,
  • It’s a solid table that you can use with routers that are electrically powered.
  • This one comes with the needful so that we can have the immediate use of the insert plate.
  • You can depend on the use of this router table insert for a long time.

9. Aluminum Table Insert Plate

If you’re shopping on a small budget, then you might need to check this out. This is not pricey at all. It costs less than $30. And guess what? It comes with the full accessories that would intrigue anyone.

The insert plate is made of aluminum alloy and has predrilled spots on its surface. It even has inscriptions on it, which are durable. You’d be able to take accurate measurements by using this.

It’s just one that you’d find so comfortable to use. In fact, there are screws and other installations on it. It’s one that features a center-hole bushing, which makes the alignments of routers a breeze.

Nonetheless, this is viable for MDF tabletops, and those made of any other materials. And, it’s going to provide massive assistance before measure.


  • The dimension is 9.9 x 5.5 x 1.5 inches and weighs 1.1 pounds.
  • This comes with four rings and screws of various sizes.
  • The construction of the router table insert plate is made of aluminum alloy.
  • This would last you a long time.
  • It has predrilled spots on it that make it easy to mount on tabletops.
  • One can even make additional drills on it, too.

10. Hilitand Router Table Insert Plate

Hilitand Router Table Insert PlateAre you a professional woodworker who needs a router table insert plate? If yes, then why not shop like a professional? Opt for a product that would keep you versatile.

You need one such as this Aluminum Router Table Insert Plate that comes with four snap rings of various dent diameters.

It has predrilled holes on it with several screws, all packaged with its delivery to have the pleasant use of the insert plate. Also, this would enable you to invert your router while it’s fixed onto the table.

This feature would even enhance your work to remain flexible and safer. Moreover, although it’s made of aluminum, yet it’s lightweight. It has all it takes to augment your performances even as a professional.

Both the ring and the insert plate itself won’t disappoint. It’s on such that you can use both indoors and outdoors. Nonetheless, it’s even made of a petite plastic, too. The blend makes it looks aesthetic in all ramifications.


  • The dimension is 9.3 “× 4.7″ × 0.3 ” and weighs 1.05 pounds.
  • This is made of both aluminum and phenolic.
  • The accessories it comes with are installation screws and four snap rings.
  • It’s a lightweight router table insert plate that is predrilled for quick installations.
  • The dimension of the central hole on the insert plate is 62mm x 70mm.
  • Anyone can use this efficiently with and without the manual booklet.
  • The material used for its construction makes it durable and super effective.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Router Table Insert Plate?

Best Router Table Insert Plate

1. Bit Size Opening

The type of router you use matters a lot. You should know if the collet of the router would be a good fit for the suggested opening on the insert tables.

Of course, the sizes of holes on the rings determine the variableness in the size of the router you can use for it. Indeed, that’s why you should take note of the dimensions often so that you can always choose the perfect one.

2. Construction Materials

The material used for the construction of a product would determine if it’s durable or not. It would even aid you to know the extent you can use it.

For instance, those made of light plastic tend to bend, quickly, if it's used for heavy-duty workpieces. It would also aid one to know where to use it.

3. Accessories

This is what would predetermine your flexibility. Nevertheless, you’d find some products with two, three, or four rings.

Also, you would find some predrilled while some are only marked and not predrilled. This index of products provides you with choices.

4. Budget-Friendly

Also, you might need to choose the one that suits your budget. This would aid you to save more and remain discreet. You would even gain knowledge of some others in the marketplace.

5. Purchase

Once you’ve made your decision, it’s expedient that you purchase from this platform. This action would aid you in enjoying the privileges that are provided by the manufacturer.

Final Verdict

Overall, the best product that we’re suggesting to you among them is this Rousseau 3509 Router Table Insert Plate. The product has all it takes to provide the ultimate support you need as a professional. It’s one that many persons have attested to its significance in the marketplace.

You won’t find difficulties using it at all.