How to use a Craftsman Table for Router

It is essential to understand that there are different types of craftsman router tables. These tables include the manual type, professional, industrial, and some other models.

However, if you have experience in operating any kind of table, then handling other types will not be a problem.

So, it is still in line that the information in this piece works for all types of craftsman router tables.

The table is a flexible piece of woodworking equipment that you can find in today’s market place. It is specially designed for beginners, and there are other advantages associated with it.

One of its advantages is its versatility. You can use any router on this table with ease. Yes, it is designed to work with all kinds of routers, although it has a 9.5 amp router.

This router is powerful enough to cut through hardwood with precision and accuracy. So, it is a router and router table combo, which means it’s a useful tool. Another great feature is its dust extraction port and collection system.

It has a dust collection port that allows the machine to collect dust and debris. This, in turn, leaves your environment neat when executing your woodworking projects.

How to Use a Craftsman Router Table – 8 Steps

As you are already aware, Craftsman router tables are designed with the interest of the beginners in mind. So, it is simple to assemble and easy to use. With a few steps, you should be able to put yours together and begin to use it.

1. Create a space to place the router table

The first thing to consider when buying the table is the area where you will put it in your workshop. The dimensions of the table are about 10 x 10 x 10 inches. So, you should measure the area to ensure that it will fit into space. If you think it will not, then you may have to remove unnecessary and unimportant items, and you can also rearrange the workshop to create the space for the machine.

2. Watch an informational video

Another method to learn about how to use this product is to watch some videos on it. If you watch a video, you can follow the steps in it. However, if it’s still a bit complicated, then you should watch one or two more videos. If you combine the information from all three, you will arrive at a conclusion on how to fix and use the table.

3. Learn from people who already use it

Another way to make things easier for yourself is to learn from the professionals. Look for one or two people that have been in the woodworking business before you. They can give you the names of all the components, their uses, as well as how to fix them. Also, you can understudy someone who has a table in his woodwork shop. This is where the experience factor comes into play.

4. Use the guide

To use the router, ensure that you clamp the guide into place first. This will enable you to get accurate or precision woodcutting. When trying to cut a wood, the router bit will plunge downward to line up with the dado joint that you want to cut.

5. Install the router

Now, the next thing to do is to install the router. When installing the router, adjust its miter gauge for the depth of cut you need, then put the router up against the guide. To put the router up against the guide, hold the router with both hands, then pull the trigger. Now, push downward to grip the wood with the router bit.

6. Move the router in the direction of the cut

At this point, you can now move the router in the direction of the cut. It should be from left to right. When you finish the cut, release the pressure. This will make the router to return or retract into the base.

7. How to cut profile edges

From the methods or steps above, you should be able to cut wood with the router. Now, to cut profile edges, you should follow these steps. Install the required router bit. Now, set the depth gauge for the amount of bit you want to follow. Follow the same process you used to cut wood. After cutting depths and the edges, follow the same method again to retract the router into the base.

8. Repeat the process

From the processes explained, you have been able to cut wood and profile edges. But it should not be surprising if you still don’t understand the process or procedure. Just take some time to repeat the methods.

Along the line, you will get the idea and concept on how to use the table. And once you get the logic behind it, you are good to go. You are now on your way to becoming a professional in the woodwork business.

Final Verdict

I should believe that with everything explained above, you can now use this table. If you are new in the woodworking or furniture business, you may find it difficult on your first try. But as you continue to use it, you will get used to the system.

One good thing about modern tables is that they are easy to assemble. Once you can assemble yours, you will find it less challenging to use.

Again, if you plan to buy any table, I recommend that you buy it on Amazon. Amazon has a wide range of router tables, and they offer excellent prices. Besides, they can assist with shipping or delivery services. I believe that such development makes it more convenient for the buyer.

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