SawStop Benchtop Router Table Review

Are you seeking for a router table that’s usable at a fixed point and would also save you spaces? If yes, then we’ve got you this SawStop Benchtop Router Table.

The legs of this router table are not collapsible at all, and it’s one that features antiskid feet. Invariably, you can work on heavy-duty materials with this, and your work would be lucid.

Aside from that, you get to attain more precisions with this because it’s rigid against the floor, and its top is absolutely flat. As a matter of fact, the index of its smoothness is 0.001”.

Although it doesn’t come with a router plate, yet the manufacturer provides one that suits its size. You might need to contact the company for that, and you’d be provided with the best.

Aside from that, this SawStop router comes with the full accessories needed to have the immediate use of the router table. It comes with line router table assembly, router fence, and stands. The overall materials used for its design are exquisite.

In other words, this would maintain its fascinating looks for a very long time. Nonetheless, there are quite a few things that we’d want to intimate you with before purchasing this.

Therefore, check for more information below:

SawStop Router Table Review | Benchtop –  5 Major Features

1. Designs and Accessories

The tool has an ergonomic structure. This SawStop router has four legs that are ample thick with rubberized nonskid feet. Invariably, this won’t mar the surface of your floor at all.

It’s safe and capable of providing you with excellent results. The dimension of the whole unit on delivery is 16 x 32 x 38.6 inches and weighs 83 pounds. Meanwhile, the size of the tabletop is 27″ x 16″ and is about 2-inch thick.

Nevertheless, the notable accessories that it comes with are the fence, router table assembly, the stand, and the extension table. It doesn’t come with a router plate, but you can get one for it. You’d also find the full instrument needed to set it up adequately.

2. Fence

The fence is a notable feature on this router table. This SawStop router is 27-inch long and one that’s made of aluminum. That means it covers the whole length of the line router table and one that’s not susceptible to rust.

Also, it’s one that’s adjustable so that it could be the best fit for making accurate precisions. Nonetheless, the maximum extent it can travel is 5.5”.

The assembling is smooth and precise. It’s one that has two adjustable faces with shims after it had been assembled.

The nominal buyers have attested that there is high flexibility using the fence with routing accessories. The feather boards, flip stops, that come with this make its use exceptional because they work with it.

3. Efficiencies

This doesn’t constitute nuisances when it’s in use at all. It enhances the exceptional functionalities. There is a power switch on the SawStop router. The power switch determines its control.

Indeed, you don’t need to use the manual to operate the functions on the machine. They are ones that you can use intuitively. The unit makes your work faster because it clasps the workpiece firmly and enables you to create intricate designs professionally.

As a matter of fact, this SawStop Benchtop Router Table canaid you to have a deep cut on your workpiece like any other that you’d find in the marketplace.

In a nutshell, this is what you should look out for if you are searching for a machine that would augment your productivity while working on projects.

4. Benchtop Stands

What would fascinate your interest is the ergonomic structure that it possesses. This is enough to assure you that you’re on the right track. It even comes with the installation hardware.

You can choose to the router without the table, though. Howbeit, it’s one that you’d find so convenient to use always. Besides, you’re purchasing from a leading brand. Therefore, you should worry less about your expenses.

5. Reliability

The product we’re marketing now is a highly demanded one in the marketplace. This SawStop router comes with the maximum accessories needed. It has a cast iron router table.

The line router table is not susceptible to rust, and you can depend on its use for the long-term.

Why Should You Buy SawStop Benchtop Router Table?

1. Space-Saver

This won’t consume spaces at all. It doesn’t come with a router plate, but you can purchase one for it. It has the fundamental features to augment the amount of spaces in your workshop. You have a perfect choice of getting the cast iron router table.

2. The Brand

SawStop is a top brand. It’s one that you can rely on its effectiveness. The company has been existing for many years. Moreover, their products have always been the paradigm of quality to several others.

3. Assembling

There is no complexity with the use of this cast iron router table at all. It has the installation hardware that you need to have the excellent use of the unit.

4. Noiselessness

This doesn’t make noises at all. It has the fundamental features needed to have the immediate use of the unit. It won’t screech, and you can comfortably get your works done on it without causing pollution.

5. Accessories

The accessories that come with this are top-notch. They are ones that you won’t go wrong with at all. Indeed, you can use the manual to learn about how you can go with the assembling. Let us know if you want to get multiple router tables.

Product Benefits
  • The product is a space-saver.
  • This router table comes with a lot of accessories.
  • This has a fence that’s 27” long.
  • The product is one that’s made by a top-leading brand.
  • The accessories are great with the routing accessories that it features.
  • This router table has nonskid feet for optimum rigidity.
  • You can depend on its uniqueness for executing large projects.
  • You can SawStop router lift easily.
  • The diameter of its dust collector is 2.25”.
  • It has a precision cast iron table.
The Negative Things
  • It doesn’t come with a router plate.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

This router table comes with a warranty, right?

Answer:  You might need to contact the manufacturer so that you can get the needful information.

Can I get a bag for the dust collector?

Answer: Yes, contact the manufacturer, they’d definitely provide you with one.

Does the manufacturer have other models?

Answer: Yes, they do.

What distinguishes this from several others?

Answer: The tabletop of this router table is made of steel. It’s pre-coated for the lucid movement of workpieces.

How dependable is this unit?

Answer: It’s very dependable.

Final Verdict

This is a premium router table that you can depend on purchase. Do you want to buy multiple router tables? It’s one that buyers are buzzing about in the marketplace. It doesn’t matter your technical know-how, this would please you maximally.

In a nutshell, we advise you to opt for it to be on the safer side of your purchase.