Perfect Horizontal Router Table

Do you know that you can get the top horizontal router table cheaply? Well, in this article, we will be looking at the best one in the market, and what you need to do to acquire one of them.

As of today, you can get a very good router table in the marketplace. These router tables comprise of both vertical and horizontal designs.

You need to know the type of router table you need for your business- whether it is a vertical one or a horizontal one. Whichever one you need, you can always get some affordable but top-quality ones.

Here, you will be able to learn about the latest router tables in the market. Also, we will be looking at how to purchase one of them.

You may already know that a router table in an indispensable equipment or an important tool for woodworking specialists and furniture-makers.

What is a Horizontal Router Table?

In recent times, woodwork professionals or specialists work with vertical router tables since it allows them to work on a bench top and a table. This does not mean that they cannot get a horizontal router table that will give them the same stability and comfort as the vertical router table.

A router table, as you already know, is an invaluable piece of equipment for handymen and woodworking professionals because it helps to avoid ruining workpieces that may occur when there is a slip up in the process of working.

A table has its advantages just as much as a vertical router table. Notwithstanding, a horizontal router table is a table that allows you to fit your router into a vertical mount so that the router base is installed or fixed onto the table.

The best use of this table is for creating mortise and tenon joints on long workpieces.

Typically, a professional furniture-maker or woodworking specialist should be proficient in the use of both vertical and horizontal router tables.

Our Picks of 3 Brilliant Horizontal Router Table Review:

1. MLCS 9767 The Flatbed Horizontal Router Table

MLCS 9767 The Flatbed Horizontal Router TableThis is one very impressive table. With this tool, tall auxiliary fences, jigs, and multiple featherboards are unnecessary. Vertically-raised panel bits will enable you to quickly and easily make tenon joinery.

You can adjust the benchtop with micro-adjustable bit height adjustments for accuracy and precision.

For molding and framing projects, this amazing tool is by far the most efficient and effective. So, if you must produce amazing results in your woodworking projects, you should consider buying this router table.

This router plate has a sturdy ¾-inch thick MDF core extension fences on both sides to provide maximum support for long stock.

Without beating about the bush, this is one of the most popular horizontal router tables among furniture makers and woodworking specialists.


  • This table is easy to set up and simple to use if you are a woodworking specialist.
  • It is a very affordable router table.
  • There are extension fences on both sides of the router table to provide support for long stock.
  • This router table is easy to move or carry around; therefore, ideal for job site projects.
  • Setting up this router table is not so difficult.
  • It produces more accurate cuts than when you stand wide stock on edge.
  • You can easily and quickly make mortise and tenon joinery with this table.
  • Vertically-raised panel bits and moldings are swiftly done using this router table.
  • This table has a micro-adjustable bit height adjustment feature.
  • This particular router table is very sturdy and durable.

2. Woodhaven 6000 Horizontal Router Table

Woodhaven 6000 Horizontal Router TableThis is another extremely popular horizontal router table. This router table is equally a safe choice for cutting mortise and tenon joints. This particular router table is also ideal for long molding bits, vertical panel bits, as well as some other woodcutting activities.

Another nice feature of this product is that its assembling does not take too much time. As a professional, you can set this router table for use in a few minutes. This table is exceptionally effective for tall stock or workpieces because it is 24 inches high.

Aside from its height, it is not a heavy router table. It weighs around 30 pounds. Though, this weight is calculated without a mounted router. Nevertheless, it is easy to detach and assemble its part. So, it is ideal for field works or job site projects.

Whether you are working on a site or in your workshop, one interesting feature of this router table is that it helps you to maintain a neat working environment. There are two ½ inch vacuum hoses connected to the machine to channel sawdust and debris to an outlet.

Another fantastic feature is the solid phenolic sides that enable you to enjoy maximum stability and support during the process of working. For height adjustments, you have some knobs on the crank brace. The essence of these knobs is to provide easier and coarse height adjustments.


  • This router table has solid phenolic sides for more stability and strength.
  • The table can withstand the weight of bulky woods for heavy projects.
  • There are two vacuum hoses to channel site dust and debris to an outlet.
  • Setting this router table up for use is not difficult.
  • You can easily make height adjustments with knobs on the crank brace.
  • This table is very effective for tall workpieces or stock.
  • The table in question is not so bulky; therefore, it is easy to carry it to job sites.
  • This product provides consistent results when shaping moldings.
  • This router table offers security and safety when performing some set tasks.

3. Woodhaven 6004 Horizontal Router Table

Woodhaven 6004 Horizontal Router TableHere is another outstanding horizontal router table. This model produces an ease of angulation along with a similar model- 6,002. Do not forget that horizontal router tables are incredibly safe for mortise and tenon joinery.

So, for this purpose, this router table, along with any of the previous two, will suffice.

This router table also has the power or ability to tilt the router in 45 degrees either up or down. Additionally, this router table has hold-down and hold-in features for safe and consistent results when machining moldings.

Just like the Woodhaven 6,000 router table, this router table also has a 24inch height, which is tall enough to provide support for tall workpieces and stock. Still, on the similarity with the Woodhaven 6,000 router table,

this router table is about 30 pounds without a mounted router, and thus, suitable to transport to job sites or locations.


  • This table is an angle-ease model, which enables you to tilt the router up and down at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • The router table is high enough to provide ease of craftsmanship when working on tall stock.
  • There are two 1/2inch shop vacuum facility that is hooked up to the machine to channel dust and debris to the outlet.
  • The horizontal router table in question weighs around 34 pounds, which means that it is not so heavy or difficult to carry to job locations and sites.
  • This table supports any router with a 4.2inch diameter motor.
  • Hold-down and hold-in features provide consistency when it comes to machining moldings.
  • This router table has a maximum bit adjustment above the table of 6-3/4 inch to 11-1/2 inch.
  • This unit clamps easily to a workbench.

Why You Need a Horizontal Router Table?

As you already know, vertical router tables and horizontal router tables perform different functions. A good or serious furniture maker or woodworker should be proficient in the use of both, nonetheless.

Now, why do you need a horizontal router table?

A horizontal router table is very useful when dealing with mortise and tenon joint cuts. Tenons can be quite heavy, so creating them requires precision and expertise. This is why you can never ignore a table or its importance.

This table allows you to easily place heavy tenons vertically so that you can adjust it to suit the purpose your need it for. After adjusting the router table, you can now easily cut your workpieces horizontally.

What to Consider When Buying a Horizontal Router Table?

A professional already knows exactly what he needs from a router table and how to acquire the best router table for his business.

However, for the newbies or amateurs in the industry, putting some things into consideration may help him to get the most suitable or affordable router table.

So, we will be looking at some of the things that you should consider when buying the table.

1. The base

You need a router table with a very strong or sturdy base. There are numerous router tables with a solid base in the marketplace. All you need to do is to search for them and then pick one for your business. For stability, support, and balance, a table with a solid base is recommendable.

And as you know, with stability comes precision. So, if you want precise and accurate cuts, you can never ignore a router table with a solid or strong base.

2. The tabletop

Another important factor to consider when buying a router table is the top itself. A top-quality table should be very smooth and flat. When a router table is not as flat as it should be, it can lead to inaccurate measurements when cutting workpieces.

And no woodworking specialist wants to destroy his workpiece with slip-ups and mistakes. Apart from causing a delay in the completion of a project, errors equally affect the resources being put into the construction of the project. This, in turn, reduces the profit margin.

Hence, no one is willing to waste resources (money and materials) with careless mistakes. To avoid such problems, it is better to look for a router table with a smooth and flat surface.

3. The fence

The fence is another part of a router table that you should never ignore. The function of the fence on a table is immeasurable. The fence produces a lot of work, notably to support the workpiece.

So, it is always important to ensure that you place the fence correctly. The fence of a high-quality router table should be adjustable. This development allows you to work in accordance with the height of the workpiece or stock, and the bit you are utilizing.

So, once again, for precision and accuracy, you need to ensure that you properly place your fence at all times.

4. The baseplates

This is another thing you can consider whenever you plan to buy a router table. To get the best out of your router, importance should be placed on how you mount the router to the table. It should be fluid and firm enough to provide stability or to prevent vibrations.

And in the same vein, it should not be too tight; otherwise, you may have some difficulty using the router. Whatever the case may be, as a professional, you should know how best to mount your router.

To fix your router, you should visit the user guide or manual that accompanies the product. It is always advisable to read the manual before attempting to operate any machine, including a router table.

One important warning for using this table is to always ensure that you switch off the router before changing the bit or any other part.

As a failure to do so may have some fatal consequences. Apart from this warning, you can find a few more when you read the manual f the product you bought.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Perfect Horizontal Router Table?

Best Horizontal Router Table


If you are a woodwork professional, then these pieces of information may not be new to you. But the woodworkers that are just starting the business will find the information here very useful. To get the best router table, you can follow some or all of the steps explained below.

1. Read reviews

You should always endeavor to read reviews of any product that you intend to buy. This way, you will learn more about the product, such as the price, uses, performance level, and so on. To put it in simpler terms, customers’ reviews will let you know about the pros and cons of the product in question.

In a product review, people who already use a particular item or product will give their opinions on it, and this will directly influence your decision on its purchase.

So, to choose the best router table, you can check customers’ reviews on these three incredible tables and then make your pick.

2. Visit online stores

Whenever I need to buy a product, I usually visit Amazon. On that site, there is a search bar at the top where you can search for any item you need.

So, I just type the item in the search bar, and I will see the item along with other similar ones and their prices. Typically, you will find additional information on the product on the Amazon website.

I can check the similarities and differences between the product and the others on the platform, and eventually settle for the best product. This development prevents me from visiting different websites before choosing the most suitable product.

So, I suggest following the same idea or step when you are ready to buy a router table. This initiative will save you a lot of time, which means that you will be able to make a decision in no time.

3. Speak with a professional

Another way to get a good horizontal router table for your business is to speak with a veteran in the woodworking or furniture-making industry.

Most of them should have experience in the use of both vertical and horizontal router tables. If you can speak with a few of them, then you should be able to learn about the best tables. The information you gather from them will aid your decision-making process.

Another advantage of contacting a professional in the business is that you can even seek their assistance for setting up your router table when you eventually purchase one.

4. Plan with a budget

To get the best and most suitable table for your business, you can work on a budget. After getting a list of the best router tables in the marketplace, you can streamline the list based on your budget.

When you have been able to reduce the number of router tables on your list, you can then check their performance levels to know which one will be best for you. Always remember that it is crucial to cut one’s coat according to his cloth when buying any item.

Therefore, avoid paying through your nose or breaking the bank. Doing so only leads to a shortage of funds for other important projects, which can consequently result in bankruptcy.

Final Verdict 

With everything that has been discussed in this interesting article, you will agree with me that there are tables that are just as perfect and convenient as the vertical router tables.

So, if you have been using only vertical router tables, then maybe you should try a horizontal router table for once to confirm that you can produce amazing woodworking results regardless of the type of router table or tool you use.

You should understand that horizontal router tables and vertical tables work for different purposes. If you wish to be well-groomed in your profession, then you should have both types of router tables.

Now, if you are considering buying a good router table, I recommend the Woodhaven 6000 horizontal router table. You can purchase the fantastic router table on Amazon.

But why am I going for this router table? I chose this particle table based on the following reasons.


  • This is one of the cheapest or most affordable tables in the marketplace today.
  • This table enables you to make accurate and precise cuts than when you stand wide stock on edge.
  • Quick and easy making of mortise and tenon joinery are achievable with this router table.
  • You can easily set it up for use.
  • It can be easily carried to job locations or sites since it is not so bulky.
  • This tool renders jigs, multiple featherboards, and tall auxiliary fences unnecessary.
  • The router table is compatible with 3 HP routers or less.

Where Can you Get the Quality Horizontal Router Table?

If you are planning to buy a horizontal router table to complement the vertical table that you already have, then buying it from a reputable seller is recommendable. To purchase any of the tables mentioned in this article, I suggest visiting the Amazon website.

You may be thinking why you should buy your router table from Amazon. Well, I have been buying products from that platform for years, and they have never disappointed me.

One good thing about them is that they offer a super fast delivery service. And the items they deliver arrive in perfect or original condition.

So, even if I have to buy a fragile product, I have the full guarantee that my product will get to me without damages. You may shop from another platform or seller if you want, but remember that if you damage any of the parts in the process of taking it home, you may have to spend additional money to fix it.

This will mean that you are spending more than you would have if you bought it from Amazon.