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Executing your jobs cannot get any easier when you have the best table in your workshop. An excellent router table helps to improve your performance on the job by enabling you to make accurate or precision cuts and equally allowing you to deliver projects faster.

Producing quality jobs is another good reason why you need a router table. With a portable table, you will find it a lot easier to execute projects.

As you know, a router table works with various stock shapes, so under certain circumstances, the handheld router or handsaw may be ineffective for the job. This is where you need the services of a more advanced tool to come in.

Unlike a handsaw, a table aids the making of all kinds of cuts. These kinds of cuts are inevitable if you are striving hard to carve a niche for yourself in the industry.

To become famous, you need to work on different projects with different sizes and designs, such as grooves, dadoes, slots, and so on. To achieve an excellent result, the table will prove to be extremely useful.

Another advantage of having a table is that you can change the bits of your router to easily modify the depths of the cuts when working. To do this, you do not even need to be a professional in the business. The tables are designed to provide such cuts.

So, for the commercial woodworkers, this is a necessity. You will agree with me that a router table is an indispensable tool for handymen, woodworkers, and woodworking specialists.

Our Picks of 10 Best Portable Router Tables Review:

There are different incredible router tables in the marketplace, so it may be a bit difficult for you to pick one over the others. For this reason, we have decided to make a list of our ten best portable router tables.

1. Bosch RA1141 Portable Benchtop Router Table

Bosch RA1141 Portable Benchtop Router TableThis is one of the best portable router tables you can find today. This incredible table has an ultra-portable design with amazingly foldable legs for fast set up. You can easily carry it to any location or job site being extremely portable.

More so, you do not need a large space before you can make use of this table. This development implies that even with a small workshop, you can still complete your projects in timely manner.


  • You can fold the legs for convenience.
  • It is very easy and extremely comfortable to carry around.
  • This is effortless to set up for use.
  • Apart from being easy to set up, it is also simple to change the bits.
  • The router has an easy click mounting feature.
  • There is an onboard storage facility for holding router bits and spare parts.
  • This may be portable, but it has a tall fence to provide extra control and support.
  • This has a Bistro-height-gauge that enhances precision cuts.
  • There is a starting pin and a guard that allows more comfortable controls for routing curved workpieces.
  • This ultra-portable router provides the user with the utmost value for his money.

2. Kreg PRS2100 Router Table

Kreg PRS2100 Portable TableHere is another great and portable table with dust collection ports. With this type of router table, you do not need too much space. You can equally maintain a neat and healthy working environment since you can collect the dust using the vacuum shroud.

This table supports a lot of popular routers. One important feature of this table is that you will get all the features of a full-size industrial router in a portable package.

It is so compact that it is ideal for use at any job site since its transportation does not require a lot of stress.


  • This  comes with rugged steel stands to provide sturdiness and stability.
  • It has rubber feet for vibration-dampening.
  • There’s a vacuum shroud for site dust and debris collection.
  • This tool aids cleanliness and neatness due to its ability to collect dust and debris.
  • This product is regarded as an industrial router table in a portable package.
  • It is suitable for use on any job site, and it’s easy to transport or carry around.
  • The insert-plates are bottom-up levelers, which aid in leveling accuracy.
  • It supports numerous popular routers.
  • Due to its vibration-dampening rubber feet, this table produces quiet or noiseless routing.

3. Grizzly Industrial T28048

Grizzly Industrial T28048This industrial router table is another table that is worthy of making our top ten picks. This product has all the features you may need in an industrial table.

It has a great structure with a strong metal frame. In addition to that, it comes with a canvass bag to collect site dust and debris. No matter where you work with it, you will always leave the environment very neat.


  • It’s a portable router, so it can help you to save some space in your workshop.
  • It has rubber feet to prevent it from making noise when functioning.
  • There is a canvass bag to allow you to collect the dust coming from the workpiece.
  • It comes with some T-tracks.
  • The dust ports are shop-vacuum compatible.
  • Its fence is hand-adjustable, and the table itself is easy to assemble.
  • The table supports a universal aluminum mounting plate.
  • There are side pockets with tool pouches to enable you to keep and organize your tools.
  • This is reliable, strong, and durable.

4. Skil RAS900 Router Table

Skil RAS900 Router TableThis table is another recommendable tool. It comes with accessory storage containers to protect and store accessories. I think that this is a nice development since it helps you to organize yourself.

When you need to change any accessory, you know exactly where to look. Apart from being it easy to change accessories, the router table itself is easy to set up.


  • There are two featherboards to guide workpieces for precision and accurate routing.
  • One exciting feature of this wonderful work tool is that it does not require leveling.
  • It is easy to change bits or any accessory.
  • Mounting routers is an easy task with this router table.
  • This product comes with accessory storage containers.
  • You can make accurate and precise cuts using the bit height gauge.
  • Routing curved edges is easy and convenient because this table has a pin starter and guard to provide the necessary support for the workpiece.
  • This equipment has a quick clamp system.
  • It has a quick-release router mount that allows the user to quickly and easily attach and detach the router.

5. XtremepowerUS Deluxe Bench Top

XtremepowerUS Deluxe Bench TopThis is a very portable and affordable router table. It is equally versatile because it supports various other routers. It is lightweight and yet durable.

That’s not all; it comes with two dust collection ports to enable you to enjoy working in a neat environment. This is a beautiful black router table with a deluxe or expensive benchtop.


  • This product is one of the most affordable router tables in the marketplace.
  • It’s a beautiful black table.
  • The table is versatile, as it supports different routers.
  • This is lightweight but equally very sturdy and durable.
  • There are two collection ports to ensure a neat working environment.
  • This equipment has a unique, robust, and multifunctional design with a built-in guard.
  • There is a built-in scale for quick and accurate indexing.
  • This product is long-lasting because it has heavy-duty aluminum construction.

6. Goplus Electric Aluminum Router Table

Goplus Electric Aluminum Router TableThis electric aluminum router table is another excellent table that finds its way into our top ten picks. The table has a system that allows you to maintain the router with ease.

It is also simple and straightforward to change the router bits. This supports all 6-inch diameter base plates, which is a commendable development. This is one of the reasons why it is in our top ten picks.


  • One extremely amazing feature of this router table is its affordability.
  • Another good feature is that it is suitable for all 6-inch diameter base plates.
  • There is a retractable guard that allows it to work perfectly with different router bits.
  • Its fence is multifunctional.
  • It is lightweight but strong and durable.
  • This is easy to clean or maintain.
  • You can easily and quickly assemble the parts or set it up for use.
  • It has a grooved surface that keeps dust and chips away, leaving the workplace neat.

7. Trim Portable R. Table

Trim Portable Router TableHere is another excellent router table. This table is perfect for small applications, but it is usable in both a workshop and a job site. It is very affordable and extremely straightforward to use.

At just six pounds, it is very lightweight, so you can comfortably carry it to different job sites and locations.


  • This table weighs around six pounds, making it very lightweight.
  • Since it is lightweight, you can easily carry it to locations where you have a project.
  • You will find this tool very handy if you handle lots of small projects and applications.
  • This Trim router table is adjustable.
  • This table is compact and lightweight but strong and rugged enough to withstand all the pressures that come with woodworking projects.
  • You do not need tools to detach the router from the table.
  • The table is made of durable vinyl wrapped MDF.
  • This product has a dust port to enable you to work while maintaining a neat environment.

8. Grizzly Industrial T10432

Grizzly Industrial T10432This is a very portable but quality table. It has head sliding rails that support adjustable gab plates. This table has a simple design. It looks lightweight, but it is a sturdy router table. The structure is a sturdy A-frame.


  • It has an adjustable split fence with T-slots.
  • The table is portable but with sturdy A-frame to ensure balance and stability.
  • There are two ½ inch dust ports to provide dust and debris collection and management.
  • The router table supports universal router mounting plates.
  • You can perform freehand routing because the table has a starting guard that provides the support you need.
  • The measuring tape on the fence reads both right and left.
  • This product is right for its price.
  • You can comfortably carry it to job sites.

9. Kreg PRS1045

Kreg PRS1045This Kreg table is another impressive table. It’s a multi-purpose router table with a self-squaring table fence. You can quickly assemble or adjust the router table, and the stand is made from steel, making it strong and sturdy, thus, providing comfort and support.

One admirable feature of this router plate is that it uses precision insert plates, making it a recommendable choice among professional woodworkers. It is right to say that this is a high-performance router table.


  • This delivers high-performance with its precision insert-plate system.
  • You can customize the table to suit any purpose you need it for.
  • The router table fence is self-squaring.
  • It is easy to assemble this table and to adjust its bits.
  • It’s a heavy-duty table, so it is ideal for large or bulky wood projects.
  • This is a high-quality product, so its price is fair enough.
  • There is a dust collection hose for maintaining a neat working environment.
  • It has a thick tabletop.

10. Rockler Convertible Benchtop Router Table

Rockler Convertible Benchtop Router TableThis is another awesome router table that is worthy of making this list. This is convertible, and it comes with an insert plate kit to support compact routers. Being convertible makes it possible for you to fold the base so that it becomes portable enough to carry along with you to job sites.

One of its advantages is that it does not require a large space. It is, therefore, perfect for woodworkers who handle a lot of small projects and who own small workshops.

This is not to say that you cannot use this table for huge projects too.


  • This is compact and portable, making it ideal for small shops.
  • You can easily configure the router table for benchtop use.
  • It supports most compact and mid-sized routers.
  • It is convenient for storage based on its convertibility feature.
  • You can remove the router easily if you intend to use freehand.
  • This does not support large routers.
  • It is easy to carry or transport to any job site or location.
  • This is incredible and can function in four different modes.
  • It offers the full features of a router despite being portable and compact.
  • This router may not support large routers, but it is versatile.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Portable Table?

best portable table

As of today, there are many excellent portable router tables in the marketplace, as you could see from the list we gave. This is why it is difficult to pick one out. For you to choose the best portable router for your woodworking business, you can follow some of the guidelines or steps below.

1. Identify the kind of router table you need

The first thing to consider when buying a router table is to know what you need it for. Of course, we know that you need it for woodcutting projects. But do you deal with tense, heavy, or bulky woods? If you work with light woods, then you can go for almost any table.

However, if you handle dense woods most of the time, then you need a heavy-duty router table. As discussed already, there are numerous good tables in the marketplace, but you have to consider their performance levels based on the type of projects you execute.

2. Identify some features you need in your router table

Apart from the types of wood you work with most, you should also consider some of the features you need in a router table; for instance, the smoothness of the tabletop.

For precision cuts, you need the table that can provide all the support you need. So, you may want to go with a table with a flat surface.

The ruggedness or sturdiness of the table is another feature you can consider. There are numerous portable but strongly-built router tables in the market. If you usually work on job sites and different locations, then one can consider buying one of these.

While some people work on the field, others work in their shop. So, if you are one of those that work in a workshop, you may consider a router table with dust collection ports.

This type of router table will ensure that your workshop is neat at all times since the site dust and debris coming from the workpiece are collected in the designated unit or facility.

3. Check customers reviews

Another step to follow when buying a router table is to check customers’ reviews. This way, you can get to know about the advantages and disadvantages or pros and cons of using each table. Customers’ reviews will give you more hindsight or information about the table, and this development will, in turn, influence your buying decision.

4. Consider your budget

If you want the best router table, paying for a quality product should not pose much problem. If you are a prudent spender, then you have to work with a budget to avoid overspending.

You should remember that paying more does not necessarily mean that you are getting the best router table. I know that you will get different ones within your budget. You can even check some of the picks we made to make your search easier.

Final Verdict  

From everything that we discussed detailing the good and portable router tables, you can conclude that you can never regret it when you have one. You will find a lot of them in the marketplace.

But if you are looking for the best router table, then I recommend the Bosch RA1141 portable benchtop router table.

To some people, any other table on the list we provided may be their favorite table. Nevertheless, I chose that because of its features. And once again, I will analyze the reasons.


  • It’s a wonderful table with an ultra-portable design.
  • The legs are foldable, making it one of the most comfortable tables for woodwork specialists.
  • The price is reasonable in comparison with its features and design.
  • This table produces high performance.
  • Setting this router table up is easy, including the mounting of the router.
  • Just like many other tables, this table is sturdy and durable.
  • Its Bistro-height-gauge feature allows you to make precision cuts.
  • You can quickly and conveniently change the bits when you need to.

Here you have it. These are some of the reasons why I’m going for this router table as my best portable table. If you need to understand how great this table is, then you should acquire one.

Where to Buy Bosch Portable Benchtop Router Table?

Talking about its acquisition, I’m suggesting buying from Amazon. I purchased mine on that platform about two years ago. And up till now, it’s still in perfect working condition.

As of then, I was skeptical about its shipping, but my fear disappeared when it arrived in its original condition. What’s more, it arrived earlier than I expected.