How much is a Router Table

The use of machines is indispensable in whatsoever you do. They maximize your productivity and make your work a top-notch. Aside from that, they still make your work to be done within a short period.

Invariably, there is no how you’d want to be the best as a professional, and you won’t consider getting a machine. And, when it comes to woodworking, the essence of a router can’t be over-emphasized.

With this device, you can make intricate cuts in your workpieces precisely without marring the aesthetic looks. Although a router can make one so versatile and professional when crafting on woods, yet using a router alone is not the best.

As a matter of fact, the work duration tends to become longer and complicated when you’re not routing your wood at complete ease. Indeed, that’s why every expert would always advise carpenters and workers to appreciate the use of a router table.

This addition goes a long way in augmenting operators’ proficiencies and conveniences. That’s because this addition nullifies difficulties in changing bits, making precisions, and so on.

Nevertheless, it’s expedient that one inquires ‘How much is a Router Table’ before launching into the marketplace. This would aid one to have the best experiences in making the right transaction.

So, let’s consider the eight price determinants that you need to know before buying a table.

8 Things to Consider about How Much is a Router Table:

1. Brand

Products made by brands with substantial equity in the marketplace tend to be in high demand; why? That’s because the public has grown their trust in the manufacturer, and maybe they’ve also found their products dependable to use overtime.

If you’re purchasing from such brands, then it’s bound to be really expensive. Nonetheless, some brands have their products in varieties.

In such a case, you could leverage the nuance difference among the varieties/options that a brand might be offering.

The point here is not to promulgate the necessity of your avoidance of purchasing from top brands, but for you to also check out the alternatives that are made available by the same brands.

2. Accessories

Some products come with routers, while some come only with the table. It’s expedient, however, that one knows the accessories that come with this table.

Most router tables come with a fence, the device ‘predrilled’ plate, and stands. Of course, there would always be installation hardware that’s packaged with the delivery of every product.

All you have to know is find out the accessories that come with a product and correlate it with the estimated price. If you’ve got a stand and router available already, then you should be spending less.

3. Constructions

Most router tables are either cast-iron or MDF, and some comprises of the two types. The type you purchase could determine the flexibility of the use of the best router table.

Those made of MDF are not waterproof while the latter are smoother at the top. Nonetheless, the latter (those made of cast-iron) are hefty. There is some router tables made of other materials also.

However, you have to opt for the one which would suit your budget and convenience. It would be best if you choose the one that you think would suit your needs.

4. Durability

Honestly, all the products you find are bound to be durable. It all depends on the prospective users. In cases whereby there are short spaces, then the potential user should purchase one that features storage spaces or compartments.

The user can still decide to get a tray available, depending on the users’ preference. As a buyer, you’d need to learn the regulations that are attached to the use of a product.

That would aid you in maintaining a product for a long time. Those made of MDF are more difficult to manage than those made of metals.

Indeed, that’s why router tables made of metals are costlier.

5. Reliability

Products that have lasted for years tend to be costlier; why? That’s because they’ve gained traffic already. It’s those you’d see that don’t, or low warranty is backing them. Also, you can find them to be very pricey.

Nonetheless, the criteria to look out for when opting for a product that hasn’t be recognized immensely in the marketplace is the warranty – the longer it is, the more prospective its functionalities can be, you know?

In a nutshell, check out some features and the warranty to see if the products are price-friendly.

6. Flexibility

What also determines the price of a table is potent. There are some that you can use to execute various jobs.

A good determinant of that is the size of the desk you’re using and the material used for its constructions. The larger the surface, the smoother the performances in the long haul.

The index of the surface, too, would indicate its prospective use also. Choose the very one that’s exceptionally smooth so that you can execute projects very fast.

Also, those made of metals are bound to be costlier because they are reliable and easy to use.

7. Size

You would find some that are small in dimension and those large. So, it all depends on the amount of spaces that you have available in your workshop.

At times, you still have to evaluate the sizes of projects you work on frequently. Besides, you would also need to predetermine your comfort by checking the dimension of a product. The larger the size, the costlier the outcome would be in most cases.

8. Additional Tips

Router tables prices from $50 – $2,000.

Of course, you can tell that the lower the price, the lesser its quality in most cases.

Also, you would need to check out the thickness of this table also. All those have a lot of effects on the price tag at the end of the exercise.

The advice here is that you’re expected to carry out the right research before you make your purchase and see if it’s viable for you or not.

Final Verdict

Now you know how much a router table price, right? It’s not all about the price; it is the factor that determines the amount that you should always consider.

In cases whereby the price doesn’t worth it, then you can launch after some others that you want.