How to Change the Router bit on a Router Table

Having a benchtop router table is a good decision for any serious woodwork specialist because it enhances their performance on the job. It equally aids accuracy and precision when it comes to routing jobs and woodcutting activities.

With heavy-duty machines come maintenance services.

Changing or fixing of router bits on a table is one of the things that you may need to do at certain times since it allows the machine to produce smooth operations at all times.

Now, how do you fix a router bit? To fix a router bit on your router table, please continue reading.

How to Change a Router Bit on a Router Table: 7 Things to Consider?

If you are not new to the woodwork business, then you may already know how to change a router bit. But if you are a newbie, then you may find this information very useful.

All the same, no information is a waste, so this tutorial is beneficial to both newbies and professionals.

1. Make sure the router is unplugged

This is the first step. We usually advocate switching off the router before changing, installing, or fixing the bits. Not doing this is very dangerous. It can lead to serious injury or accident.

So, you may want to keep this in mind. To confirm that your router is not on, check that the switch is in the OFF (O) position.

2. Loosen the bit

Now, you need to loosen the bit that you intend to change. After loosening the bit, pull the bit out. You can use a rag to avoid cutting your finger or fingers on the bit when it is stuck. When it’s stuck, you can tap it with a heavy or strong material to free it. And once it is free, it will come out with ease.

But please, ensure that you perform this method carefully. You do not want to hurt yourself or cause damage to your router. You will need one or two wrenches to remove the old bit.

One wrench will work on the shaft of the router while the other works for the locking nut that holds the router bit firmly and securely in its place. Use the first wrench to hold the shaft and then use the second wrench to loosen the locking nut.

3. Lift the router

This is where you work on the router table after loosening the locking nut. But first, you need to lift the router as high as it can to enable you to get the collet up above the table.

And to achieve this, you will need a router lift. Some routers do not require a router lift. If your router falls into that category, just remove the router’s motor from the base and change a router bit.

This is as simple as changing the bit of a portable router. The collet is the piece that holds the router securely in place.

4. Remove the collet

This may not be a necessary step when it comes to change a router bit. However, it helps to prolong the lifespan of your equipment.

When you remove the collet, you can clean the site dust or sawdust and debris that may have collected in the collet. This development will help to improve the performance, and equally keep it in perfect condition.

5. Fix your new router bit

Once you can lift the collet, there will be an opening in the router. Slide in your new router bit in the opening. Adjust it until it bottoms out. Some routers may require you to remove the insert plate.

Once you are able to get the collet up above the top of the router table, the next step is to remove the insert plate. After removing the insert plate, you can now insert or change a router bit.

6. Tighten your bit

Now that you have been able to change a router bit on your table, the next step is to tighten your router bit. To tighten the bit, pull the bit up 1/8 inch.

This is to allow the collet to tighten around your bit. When you are through tightening your bit, tighten the locking nut securely to router.

7. Crank your router back down

Now that you have changed the bit on your router, it is normal to mount the router back on your router table. To do this, you need to crank your router back down and then set the proper or appropriate router height that you will be working with.

Once you set the router to the height or position you desire on the table, you can start doing your woodworking projects. These adjustments will aid your job performance with the necessary support that you need.

More so, precision woodcutting will become easy to achieve.

Final Verdict

I believe that from everything discussed in this article, you now know how to change a router bit on a router table. You just learned the steps to follow to make it easy to perform that task.

Do not worry if you find still find it a bit challenging being your first time. You will get used to it after repeated or several attempts.

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