How to use Kobalt router table

Using a router table is not as complicated as a lot of people think. But if you need to improve your job performance and produce quicker results, then you need to get a router table for your business.

And as you already know, a router table aids you in making precision, smooth and accurate wood cutting for woodwork projects.

One benefit of the Kobalt router table is that it is very affordable. It is one of the most affordable router tables in the marketplace today.

So, if you are working on a budget, then this may be the ideal work tool for you. Besides, it is a pretty fine router with a 100% cast aluminum work surface with a built-in router lift.

Again, this router table is easy to set up for use. However, if you have never assembled a router table before, it may be a bit challenging for you being the first time.

But with several or repeated trials, you will become a master of the craft. To be a master at fixing router tables, you need to learn a few things.

Now, some of the things to consider are discussed below.

10 Things to Consider about How to Use Kobalt Router Table:

When planning to buy a router table, there are certain things you have to consider, such as the size, the sturdiness, its router compatibility options, and even your budget.

However, if you eventually settled for the Kobalt router table, these are some of the things you may need to consider on how to use it.

1. Ask someone to teach you

The Kobalt router table is popular among woodworking professionals or specialists. So, you can always find a few friends or mentors to show you how to use the router table.

Many people tried it in the past, and they were able to learn and grasp perfectly. Learning from an experienced person is always a wise idea when you intend to operate any machine, whether it is a router or not.

2. Read the user guide

The router table comes with a user manual. To learn about fixing the table and the router, please try to see that you read the manual. As usual, we always advocate reading the manual before attempting to operate any machine.

Besides, there are so many instructions in it that you must follow.

3. To assemble your router table

After unboxing the pack, bring out all the components in the box. You will find two legs. These legs are made with plastic material but sturdy enough to provide firmness and stability.

The legs have a blue color to provide additional beauty to the router table.

4. Place the tabletop on the legs

After setting the two legs, now place the tabletop on the two legs. You’ll need some screws to tighten the tabletop to the legs. So now the table is ready.

5. Install the insert plates

Install the insert plates in the tabletop, and then fix an insert. The Kobalt combo kit usually comes with three inserts. Fix one and keep the other two until you need them again.

6. Fix the router

Now, fix your router to the table. Here, you need to use a wrench. Hold the shank under the router table then use the wrench to tighten it at the top of the table. There are mounting holes where you insert screws to tighten the router to the table.

7. Install the fence

The next thing you should do is to fix the fence. Place the fence where it should be or the desired location. Once it is in its proper position, use the fence lock knobs to tighten it to the router table.

Also, do not forget that the fence is adjustable, so you may have to do this regularly if the need arises.

8. Fix the miter gauge

To fix the miter gauge, loosen the knob threaded to the miter gauge, then rotate the miter gauge to the desired level or angle. Now, tighten the miter gauge to the router table with the miter gauge knob.So, you are now through with that.

9. Fix the edge guide

Now, clamp the edge guide to the router table. It does not require stress because it is easy to fix. In fact, it has a straightforward design.

10.Fix the ON/OFF switch

This router table comes with a beautiful ON/OFF button. I call it beautiful because it has two different colors for ease of identification- red and yellow. This switch has a cord, and as already mentioned, it is a fixed-corded machine.

i.  Connect the cord to the power source

Now, to test your router table, plug the router table to an electrical outlet. It should come on with full sound. This sound shows that it is functioning, and you have installed it properly.

ii. You can test your router

Now you can test your router if you have any wood that you no longer need. But ensure to switch the router OFF before you test it. The most important safety measure when using a router table is to ensure that it is not connected to a power source. Being plugged into a power outlet may have serious or fatal consequences.

So, always keep this in mind as the first rule of thumb.

Final Verdict

With everything discussed in this interesting article, I think you now understand how to use Kobalt router table? It should not be strange to anyone who has been operating router tables before because it requires almost the same techniques to use.

You will equally realize that it is easy to assemble and simple to use. Moreover, it is a great product for its price.

And talking about the price, I recommend buying from Amazon. On Amazon, you will get the product at a reasonable price. Nevertheless, it is a very affordable product.

Another benefit of buying from Amazon is that they can help you transport it or ship it to your home without damaging the parts.

I know a friend who is a general contractor. He bought his’ about four years ago on Amazon, and up till this moment, the machine still works perfectly.