SawStop Router Table Review

Of course, precisions matter in whatever you do as a professional. And, that’s why you need a machine that’s capable of getting the work done for you effortlessly.

And when it comes to the use of our SawStop In-line Router Table, you’re not only bound to get your work done correctly but quicker also. Opt for this product that has a simplified design. The assembling is easy.

Besides, what you even need to assemble among its features are cast iron table, fence, legs, and the wiring. Aside from those, you’re good to go with the full operation.

What you’d even find with this is that it saves spaces in one way or the other. The extension would definitely be a massive plus to your workshop. With the addition of this, you can take on many projects and deliver them exquisitely and reasonably.

Furthermore, there are leveling screws on this that aids in clasping workpieces down and bringing consistency to one’s effort always. The incra SawStop router lift is not vulnerable to rust at all. You can use it for the production of fantastic jobs.

However, there are some specific technical approaches to always look out for when using this. All those would be enumerated in the subsequent part of this report – stay tuned.

SawStop Inline Router Table Review – 5 Major Features

1. Cast-Iron Table

It’s an extension that’s mountable both at the right and the left sides of the unit. The surface is flat and admirable to use for woodworking and cabinetry projects.

However, the side you’re viable of setting the SawStop router table depends on the rails. The table should be proportional to the part of the rails with cutouts for T-track slots.

And, you can mount it on either side if there are cutouts on both sides. The table is unique. The blade comes lubricated already so that you can use it with low friction and move the pieces around the router effortlessly.

Moreover, there is even a mounting hole on the router that you can use instead of the SawStop’s hole. It also has the adjustment screws on it, too.

2. Adjustment Screws

SawStop In-line Router Table ReviewThe table is smooth, and there is no burr on its top and edges at all. Workpieces can move flawlessly on it without any restriction. The table is 0.003” sloppy at the top. Invariably, it’s absolutely flat.

Nonetheless, the screws on it are called the levelers. They level the SawStop router lift, and they are always fixed from the bottom so that the tabletop would still be smooth.

The dimension of the router lift, however, is 11.75” x 9.25. There are designated holes for the screws are found at the conspicuous part. You can even use the manual to know how it could be used.

Besides, just as the router lift has screws, so likewise does the SawStop lift. Indeed, you’d still need to countersink screws in the holes of the rails so that all can be aligned with the SawStop router itself.

The whole assembling would be a breeze definitely.

3. T-Track Slot

The T-track slot is quite different from the fence. The fence on this in-line router table is 27” long. This fence is adjustable and is used to get the exact measurement of a product.

You can adjust the fence 2.75” backward. Nonetheless, you can actually fix it in two phases. Meanwhile, the maximum fence travel is 5.5” as specified by the manufacturer.

The T-track slots, on the other hand, are used for thronging workpieces. Besides, the two are irreplaceable on router tables. They assist professionals and hobbyists in firmly making absolute precisions even on intricate workpieces.

The fence and the T-track accessories, including the T-track nuts, are easy to use.

4. Designs

The dimension of the unit is 16 x 32 x 38.6 inches and weighs 83 pounds. This is electrically powered. It has a power switch on it that you can use to ignite its functionalities.

This is one that comes with full accessories. In fact, the accessories that come with this are RT-C27 27″ cast iron router table, RT-F27 27″ fence assembly, RT-PSW power switch, RT-ST2 support legs, and installation hardware.

Also, this doesn’t consume many spaces at all, and it has retractable legs that make it stand upright without any issue.

5. Dust Collection

The diameter of the dust exhaust is 2.25”. You can work tirelessly with this. The sawdust would be flaring from the medium. And, this would always keep the engine in a safe condition.

Why Should You Buy SawStop Inline Router Table?

1. Affordability

Of course, this is a unique attribute that would intrigue your interest in the first place. The product is affordable, and it comes with the whole accessories you need to have the immediate use of the unit.

2. Power Cord

The power cord is long. It’s about 20ft long. Nonetheless, it has the features necessary that would make anyone to have the ease of control of the unit. You can depend on its use anywhere in your workshop.

3. Reliability

The router table product is top-notch. This is one that’s made by a top brand in the industry. Therefore, there shouldn’t be anything that should leave you in disbelieve.

4. Easy to Save

This has retractable legs that make it ergonomic. You can retract the braces and save spaces in your workshop. The dimension of the SawStop router even indicates that you tend to keep more areas with this than most others.

5. Accessories

Although this doesn’t come with all in the real sense, yet the few it comes with are tangible. They are ones that you use to gain the immediate use of the table.

Product Benefits
  • This router table has retractable legs, which aids in maximizing spaces.
  • The tabletop is smooth and capable of providing anyone with excellent results.
  • There is a fence on it that’s 27” long.
  • This SawStop router comes with the accessories that make it easy to assemble.
  • The diameter of its dust port is 2.25”.
  • This is one that won’t take you several days to mount.
  • You can rely on the manual to get the best use of the router table.
The Negative Things
  • You might need to get some inserts with this.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How reliable is this?

Answer: It’s absolutely dependable to use. It’s made by a renowned brand.

  1. Can I use the SawStop lift instead of the router lift?

Answer: Yes, you can.

  1. What accessories does it come with that you’ve not mentioned earlier?

Answer: It comes with a flip stop and feather board also.

  1. How long would the assembling take?

Answer: Maximum of 15 minutes.

  1. Are there pre-drill spots on the table?

Answer: Yes, just at the rear of the table.

Final Verdict

The SawStop Inline Router Table can be the best accessory that you’d need to scale your productivities. This SawStop router has the necessary features to cost you less expenditure and maximize your outcome as well.

Nevertheless, it’s a product that several persons have purchased and have found remarkable to use.