WoodPeckers Phenolic Table for Router

Are you looking for a router tabletop that you can use as a replacement for the one you’re currently using? Perhaps, it could be that the one you’re using at the moment has a small surface and not very commodious for big workpieces.

If yes, then why not opt for this gem with a large surface? Let’s tell you what makes this distinct. This features both DP-track and combo track. In other words, the design alone would make you more creative while routing.

The material used for the construction of the tabletop is phenolic. It’s a material that’s waterproof. You can use it to execute several projects. Besides, the router table is 0.75” thick, and it’s absolutely smooth.

The tracks on it, on the other hand, are aluminum. Invariably, you can use this without getting it spoilt easily. The whole design is just aesthetic. This is one that would enhance the looks of your workshop, you know?

Moreover, the tracks are bolted down so that it can provide you consistent outcomes. The hardness of the tabletop offers low friction for smooth performances. It’s definitely one that can serve as the best replacement to router tabletop of any brand, trust me.

Unlike those made of PVC, this is exceptional in all ramifications. It’s one that you can save and clean without any issue. Nonetheless, you can check out for more information below:

WoodPeckers Phenolic Router Table Top Review –  5 Major Features

1. Aesthetic Design

This router table has a dimension of 43.4 x 27.2 x 1.1 inches and weighs 50 pounds. The tabletop is made phenolic. Indeed, that makes it more durable and portable to lug around.

The black color on this doesn’t wear away with time. It can withstand high pressure, and it’s not one that has been proven durable over time.

Moreover, this is better than those made of PVC and MDF; why? That’s because it’s waterproof, and its effectiveness can withstand the test of time. The thickness of the phenolic router table is ¾-inch. Its construction suits the use of CNC router bits.

2. Router Tabletop

This is a predrilled tabletop. Nonetheless, the router mounting plate is sold separately. The significance of the router table is that it enhances effectiveness while routing intricate parts in woodworking.

The tabletop has predrilled sections and is best used for Woodpeckers plates or lifts. However, you can set up cabinets for it even with routers made by other brands.

The dimension of the cutoff area is 9.25 X 11.75 inches. Honestly, there is no need for adjustment with the design except if you’re using it for a lift designated for another brand.

One thing you’d even love about this phenolic router tabletop is that it holds up so well.

3. Anodized Aluminum

The anodized aluminum is not vulnerable to rust at all. Besides, the T-miter channel and T-track are bolted onto the tabletop.

The bolting mechanism, however, come from the beneath so that the top can be smooth and flawless to use. And using this with a CNC router would augment tight tolerances. That doesn’t mean you can use it for others. Regardless of the router bits; you’re using it for at a point in time, you can still drill it to your taste.

In addition, it works with micro knobs that you can use to add to the available spaces from 2.5” to 3”. It’s, indeed, a viable one that quite a lot of persons have found so reliable to use.

You can try it out for yourself today, too, by buying this router table.

4. Functionalities

The router table size is 23.5” X 31.5” while the router opening is 9.25” X 11.75”. All you need to evaluate it and see if this would suit your needs. If it eventually does, then you might need to opt for this.

It’s safe for the production of perfect jobs. The T-track spot that’s designed at the top is for the placement of the fence. The fence is expected to be at the space 17”.

Also, there would be low friction encountered when using both the fence and moving boards on the surface of the phenolic router table. The tabletop is smooth and very dependable to use always.

It’s one that would definitely aid you to attain accurate precision.

5. Dependability

The router table is a product made by a top brand. It’s less pricy but one that you’d find so reliably to use any time.

This router table looks incredible and works so great. As a matter of fact, hardly would you encounter scratches with this.

Why Should You Buy WoodPeckers Phenolic Router Table Top?

1. Universal Use

There is no limit to what you can’t use this for in your working space. As long as the size of the table is the same as the router you’re using, then you just need to order for the router mounting plate so that you can get the work started. It’s as easy as that, trust me.

2. Phenolic Material

The material is waterproof and one that adds aesthetic looks. It’s the best replacement for PVC and is ample thick.

Indeed, you can’t get it wrong with the purchase of this router table. It rarely has long-lasting scratches on it. It’s one that is affordable, too.

3. Easy to Assemble

You can make your cabinet of your own. Although this router table comes with the board alone, yet you can use it to replace the one(s) you have if it has limited surfaces. Indeed, you can set it up intuitively.

4. Durability

The phenolic router tabletop is what you need if you want a long time experience. This router table comes with the full accessories to even have the instant use of the board immediately after delivery. It’s one you’d use without regret, trust me.

5. Easy to Maintain

Unlike those made of other materials, the router table top is waterproof. It can withstand high pressure and one that would suit your interest even if you haven’t used it before.

Product Benefits
  • This is a phenolic router tabletop.
  • This router table is waterproof and comes with a combo – two sets of embedded T-tracks.
  • The table is ¾” thick and looks aesthetic.
  • There tend to be low frictions with this than some others in the marketplace.
  • The rails on it are made of anodized aluminum.
  • You can depend on its use for a long time.
  • Although it doesn’t come with a router mounting plate, yet you can purchase it separately.
  • It’s not pricey at all.
The Negative Things
  • None.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use a micro knob to add to the length of this tabletop?

Answer: Of course, you can.

  1. How can I set up a cabinet for this?

Answer: You can use the manual that accompanies its purchase for it.

  1. So, you mean nothing would happen to it if its surface comes in contact with water?

Answer: Nothing would happen. It’s waterproof.

  1. Does this router table come with a warranty?

Answer: There is no statement about that yet, but you can rely on the fact that it is one that several persons have been enjoying its benefits for years now.

  1. Can I save it without getting it damaged?

Answer: Yes, you can.

Final Verdict

This WoodPecker Phenolic Router Tabletop is one that you wouldn’t want to let go if though you’ve got one already. It can serve as the best alternative in the time of needs. It has features that make it durable to use.